U2 War 180g LP


2021 Stereophile Magazine Record to Die For!

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time – «New Year’s Day» – Rated 435/500, «Sunday Bloody Sunday» – Rated 272/500!

TAS Rated 4/5 Music, 3.5/5 Sonics in the November 2008 Issue of The Absolute Sound!

Mastered by Arnie Acosta and cut by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

U2’s first three albums have been re-mastered and are available on 180g virgin vinyl! The packaging has been restored and expanded, with new liner notes for each title and previously unseen photos and full lyrics.

Ireland’s premier pop/rock band, U2, burst onto the scene in the early eighties and were dominant through the early nineties! War features such U2 classics as: Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year’s Day and Two Hearts Beat As One. A piece of ’80s nostalgia.

«Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year’s Day are easily two of the era’s best songs… and they have never sounded better than they do here. On the whole, the album sports solid imaging and a wide deep soundstage…» – Andy Downing, The Absolute Sound, November 2008

«U2 were on the cusp of becoming one of the Eighties’ most important groups when War came out. It’s the band’s most overtly political album, with songs about Poland’s Solidarity movement («New Year’s Day») and Irish unrest («Sunday Bloody Sunday») charged with explosive, passionate guitar rock.» – www.rollingstone.com

«‘New Year’s Day’ lifted U2 out of the rock underground for good. As he often did, Bono made up his lyrics on the spot. ‘We improvise, and the things that came out, I let them come out,’ he said. ‘I must have been thinking about Lech Walesa being interned. Then, when we’d recorded the song, they announced that martial law would be lifted in Poland on New Year’s Day. Incredible.'» – Rolling Stone

«This rallying cry set to a military beat was inspired by two Sunday massacres in the ongoing civil war between Irish Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. The band changed the song’s opening line from ‘Don’t talk to me about the rights of the IRA’ to ‘I can’t believe the news today’ out of fear that its plea for peace would be misconstrued.» – Rolling Stone

This is a very good post-punk band exploding into something bigger. A touchstone for rock music.

-Jim Austin, Stereophile Magazine Record To Die For 2021

• Universal’s ‘Back To Black’ Series – 60th Anniversary to Vinyl!
• Premium Audiophile Pressing
• Heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl
• All Original Packaging
• Newly Remastered
• Mastered by Arnie Acosta.
• Cut by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.
• Liner Notes & Unseen Photos

Bono, vocals, guitar
The Edge, guitars, piano, lap steel, background vocals
Adam Clayton, bass
Larry Mullen Jr, drums, percussion
Steve Wickham, electric violin (Sunday Bloody Sunday, Drowning Man)
Kenny Fradley, trumpet
Cheryl Poirier, Adriana Kaegi, Taryn Hagey, Jessica Felton, backing vocals

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. Seconds
3. New Year’s Day
4. Like A Song…
5. Drowning Man
6. The Refugee
7. Two Hearts Beat As One
8. Red Light
9. Surrender
10. «40»

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