ROCKET Cable Lifters Silver



  • Maximum Ø 58 mm | 2.3 inch
  • Total height 94 mm | 3.7 inch
  • Max. hold for cables 2x Ø 20 mm | 0.8 inch
  • Cable elevation min. 53 mm / max. 79 mm | min. 2.1 inch / max. 3.1 inch
  • Item weight 233 g | 0.5 lb
  • 4 pcs set: Weight incl. packaging 1250 g | 2.8 lb
  • Available colors: black, silver

VIABLUE™ Cable Lifter ROCKET dimensions

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Fine-tuning with perfection

VIABLUE™ ROCKET  cable lifters protect cables from resonance and vibration. In addition to a neat and visually appealing cable routing, the formation of capacitance between the cable and the floor can be avoided.

  • Solid aluminum body
  • Surface finish with scratch-resistant coating
  • Optimal stability due to high weight
  • Innovative VIABLUE™ softpads provide non-slip connections to all floors
  • VIABLUE™ soft rings for a flexible and vibration-reduced cable mounting

An ideal addition to any system

  • For a decoupling of the cable from the floor
  • To reduce vibrations within the cable
  • To avoid the formation of capacitance between cable and floor

Multiple options to mount cables

  • UFO DOME: 1 cable with max. Ø 30 mm | 1.2 inch
  • ROCKET: 2 cables with max. Ø 20 mm | 0.8 inch
  • ROCKET XL: 2 cables with max. Ø 30 mm | 1.2 inch

VIABLUE™ cable lifters reduce

  • Distortion and noise
  • Coupling capacitance in cables
  • Effects due to electric interference fields from floors and walls

Easy to install and position

VIABLUE™ cable lifters are placed directly underneath cables.
The cable lifters ROCKET and ROCKET XL allow an installation of cables on 2 levels.

VIABLUE™ Cable Lifter ROCKET / ROCKET XL with free positioning

Using the enclosed soft rings, cables can also be firmly fixed in the center.

VIABLUE™ Cable Lifter ROCKET / ROCKET XL with fixed positioning

4 pcs set ROCKET includes:

  • 4 cable lifters ROCKET
  • 4 pre-installed VIABLUE™ Softpads: Ø 50 mm, height 11 mm | Ø 2.0 inch, height 0.4 inch
  • 10 VIABLUE™ Softrings


Application example VIABLUE™ Cable Lifter ROCKET XL rising speaker cables