Soulnote E-2 Phono Equalizer





Input sensitivity MC: 0,4mV / MM: 4mV / OPT: 50mV
Gain MC: 72dB / MM: 52dB / OPT: 30dB
Rated output Balanced output: 2,8V
Unbalanced output: 1,4V
RIAA deviation ±0,2dB
MC Load resistance 3ohm, 10ohm, 30ohm, 100ohm, 300ohm, 1kohm
MM Load capacitance 100P, 200P, 350P
MM Load resistance 47kohm
Equalizer frequency ROLL-OFF [KHz] 1.59, 2.12 (RIAA), 2.59, 3.18, 6.89, FLAT
Equalizer frequency TURNOVER [Hz] 250, 390, 500 (RIAA), 630
Equalizer frequency LOW LIMIT [Hz] 50 (RIAA), 71, 100, 125, 150, FLAT
Power voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Power consumption 48W
Maximum external dimensions Main unit: 430(W) × 160(H) × 410(D)mm
Weight 20kg
Included accessories Spikes, Power cord
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PHONO EQUALIZER – available in Premium Silver / Premium Black

The E-2 supports both conventional MC/MM cartridges and DS Audio photoelectric cartridges through technical collaboration with DigitalStream.
This is an all-in-one phono equalizer that enables playback using a full range of phono cartridges.


non-NFB phono equalizer circuits dedicated to photoelectric cartridges

The equalizer components rely on differential emitter bypass channels incorporating new circuitry that significantly lowers circuit impedance. SOULNOTE’s original perfectly balanced non-NFB circuits are free of electrical stress and do not require phase compensation nor do they poise band limitations. These circuits can fully accommodate photoelectric cartridges, which are uninhibited by the weight and inductive resistance limitations of coils and magnetic circuits. The combination of the photoelectric system’s exceptional transient responsiveness with non-NFB produces a shockingly vibrant and vivid music soundscape.
* Photoelectric cartridges do not support past Toshiba or Trio cartridges.

MC LOAD switching

The E-2 comes equipped with six types of load impedance switching functions to extract the most from the MC cartridges being used.

Inputs capable of connecting with four types of systems

The E-2 allows for simultaneous connection and switching between four inputs: MC balanced inputs, MC/MM unbalanced inputs (2 types), and dedicated photoelectric cartridge inputs.

MM load capacity switching

Three kinds of load capacity switching functions are employed to fully demonstrate the extreme capabilities of MM cartridges.

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