Soulnote A-1 Integrated Amplifier





Maximum output 80W ×2 (8ohm), 120W ×2 (4ohm)
Total harmonic distortion 0.08% (30W 8ohm)
Frequency characteristic SPEAKER (8ohm 1W): 3Hz to 300kHz (±1.0dB
Input sensitivity/impedance LINE1 (balance): 700mV/16kohm
LINE2, 3, 4: 700mV/8kohm
S/N ratio 110dB (IHF A network)
Power voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Power consumption 190W, 90W (during idling)
Maximum external dimensions Main unit: 430(W)×109(H)×418(D)mm
Weight 10,0kg
Included accessories Remote control, Spikes, Power cordv
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Perfectly balanced, discrete non-NFB circuits

To extract the best from the unique characteristics of SOULNOTE’s original perfectly balanced, discrete non-NFB circuits, we re-examined every minute detail of our amplifiers for possible improvements, like incorporating ground plane star wiring, centralizing local non-NFB regulators, implementing direct coupling routes, optimizing the tuning of the drive current, and more. This helped us achieve even more vibrancy and speed while also providing a wider sound range.

High-speed, discrete non-NFB power supply

In addition to a newly developed bifilar wound, large capacity toroidal transformer with independent positive and negative windings, we have lowered the impedance by connecting multiple high-voltage, small-capacity filter condensers in parallel and incorporating a fast recovery rectifier diode. We have also completely refined the smallest details in order to boost the power supply, such as making current loops as short as possible by placing the rectifier diode close to the power transformer. This further increases S/N and speed.

Contactless wiring

Every type of connector in the signal system has been eliminated to create a completely contactless construction. A three-dimensional print board assembly results in lower impedance in the power supply lines and wiring that focuses on star wiring. This improves S/N and removes any concerns about contacts deteriorating over time.

Output transistor pairing

The output transistors feature low Cob, high Ft, and have extreme accuracy. We have selected and paired these components based on their characteristics. They work together to increase sound image focus and deepen three-dimensionality.


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