Jacintha Lush Life 180g LP & 45rpm 180g LP


Genre: Jazz
Format: 33RPM,

Size: 12″
Category: Disponibilidad: Sin existencias


Lush Life features the silky background of a full string section as well as the superb instrumental artistry of Bill Cunliffe (piano), Anthony Wilson (guitar) and Dmitri Matheny (flugelhorn) in several highlighted solos. With a listener and radio-friendly program that includes Harlem Nocturne, Summertime, The Shadow Of Your Smile, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Black Coffee, Manha de Carnaval, and September Song, this recording by the intimate and sensual-voiced Jacintha is one of her best selling albums ever!

«This is Jacintha’s third album for Groove Note, and her first with strings. Very popular in her native Singapore, she’s beginning to get a worldwide reputation, and this release demonstrates why: her voice is lovely, with clear diction and expressive, naturalistic phrasing. She draws the listener into a warm intimacy from the first track, «Boulevard of Broken Dreams», a rarely-covered and beautiful song with the perfect rainy-night-in-Paris ambience supplied by Frank Marocco on accordian.»

«Other highlights include a bluesy but refreshingly non-wailing «Black Coffee» with a fine understated solo by Bill Cunliffe on piano; he’s also good on the silky bossa «Manha de Carnaval», where Anthony Wilson’s melodic plucking contrasts nicely with the smoothness of the strings. Another unusual but happy choice, «When the World Was Young», showcases the superb flugelhorn of Dmitri Matheny that enhances four other tracks as well.»

«Eight of the ten selections are ballads, and since Jacintha delivers her message straight and serene, the overall feel is quiet, sultry and relaxing. After slow readings of «The Shadow of Your Smile, «Lush Life», and «September Song», Joe LaBarbera’s brushes and drum accents on «Harlem Nocturne» provide a welcome texture and pulse. The surprise of the CD is the startlingly original introduction to the vastly overplayed «Summertime», where Bill Cunliffe’s string arrangement evokes both Gershwin and the French impressionists. This is excellent late-night listening; the local male vote was «mesmerizing.» – Judith Schlesinger

«Jacintha has flawless phrasing, her voice so clear and inviting that the listener is part of every image. This is a collection where the sharing of feeling between singer and listeners is very evident, and enjoyable. «Lush Life» is a showcase collection for the vocals of Jacintha. Her version of «Smile» is one of the most beautiful ever recorded, and a gem of a listening experience. Bill Cunliffe’s piano stylings are a perfect background for the voice of Jacintha.» – Lee Prosser, jazzreview.com

«Jacintha has one of the most intimate jazz voices in the contemporary jazz scene. A lovely, powerhouse of a recording, «Lush Life» is a definite winner and entertainment at its best. Jacintha will touch your heart, mind, and soul with her beautiful jazz singing.» – Lee Prosser, jazzreview.com

«This is excellent late-night listening… mesmerizing» – Judith Schlesinger, All Music Guide

«…her delicate vocals come thru as though she was sitting in your lap.» – Audiophile Audition, March 2002

• Bonus 12″ 45rpm 180g LP with 3 tracks

Jacintha, vocals
Peggy Baldwin, celli
Rudy Stein, celli
Susan Chatman, violin
Norman Hughes, violin
Gina Kronstadt, violin
John Wittenberg, violin
Renita Koven, viola
Virginia Frazier, viola
Amy Shulman, harp
Frank Marocco, accordion
Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Darek Oles, bass
Bill Cunliffe, piano
Jo La Barbera, drums

1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Black Coffee
3. Summertime
4. Lush Life
5. Manha De Carnival
6. The Shadow of Your Smile
7. When the World Was Young
8. September Song
9. Smile
Bonus 45rpm LP:
Side A:
1. Harlem Nocturne
Side B:
1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Black Coffee